Site Restoration

Returning construction sites
to their natural
state with site restoration

If you have a large site or right-of-way that needs to be restored to the conditions of its original ecosystem, Supreme Industries has the capabilities to perform complete site restoration. Contact us to learn more.

Our Services

  • Terraseeding for ground cover – combines our rich triple-ground composted soil with seed delivered through blowers
  • Hydroseeding for ground cover – a liquid fertilizer/seed mixture sprayed onto prepared soil
  • Permanent seeding and mulching – uses mechanized straw/hayblowers along with a crew of experienced employees to broadcast seed, fertilizer and lime to stabilize a right-of-way project
  • Topsoil and compost installation – supply and install a new coat of topsoil to the right-of-way to ensure proper re-vegetation
  • Compost Amendment BMPs – ensures soils contain the proper amount of organics before we leave site, abiding by all local, state and federal environmental restrictions