Restoration Services

construction sites back to nature

Supreme Industries can provide turnkey restoration services to any of your construction projects.


Road Restoration
on Power Lines

Whether it's gas, solar, electric or any other job, we can handle your erosion control, stabilization, and restoration needed to maintain compliance. After your utility project has been completed, we have the full capabilities needed to restore your power line access road to its natural state.

Our Services

  • Reclaim and recycle gravel
  • Return grades to pre-existing conditions
  • Wetland replication, remediation, or enhancements
  • Re-vegetate and stabilize disturbed areas
  • Remove and dispose environmental matting
  • Terraseeding for ground cover
  • Hydroseeding for ground cover 
  • Permanent seeding and mulching 
  • Topsoil and compost supply and installation 
  • Compost Amendment BMPs

Our Capabilities

  • Specialize in rough terrain and technically challenging projects
  • Adhere to strict safety, environmental, or schedule restrictions
  • Experience working under energized power lines
  • Successful at restoring both upland areas and wetland areas
  • Dedicated to working with land owners to ensure private properties are restored to previous conditions and accepted by the property owner
  • Experience working in Natural Parks and Environmentally sensitive areas

Our Restoration Process:

Road Building