Our Safety Mission

Industries HSE Excellence Expectation

Our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) effort isn’t a once a week thing or even a daily thing we do on the jobsite… It’s an ALL-THE-TIME thing; therefore, the health and safety of our team and preservation of our environment are fundamental parts of Supreme’s construction operations. Each of us has the responsibility to make our own safety as well as that of our coworkers and the environment a value – not a priorityPriorities can change depending on what needs to get accomplished, but our HSE value is the bedrock on which the wellbeing and efficient operation of our business depend.  With few exceptions, all of our HSE practices have evolved from experience and knowledge gained over many years in preventing incidents.

Supreme leadership recognizes and embraces its responsibility to provide safe, healthy, and environmentally conscientious working conditions, and our obligation to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and all HSE client-requirements. 

Supreme workers have the responsibility to prevent incidents by following the directions of supervisors, implementing our HSE policies and procedures, and actively participating in our HSE improvement program.

Our philosophy regarding potential HSE issues is, “If you see it – you own it – take care of it.”