Direct Embed Foundations

Direct Embed Foundation services for your transmission, distribution, and substation projects


Reliable, direct-embedded structures

Ready for any Condition

Our teams are skilled at working on tight areas, beneath energized transmission lines, and in challenging soil environments

Flexible Drilling

We’re capable of drilling from 34” in diameter and down to 70-foot depths in all subsurface conditions.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Transparency in greenhouse gas, emissions, fuel consumption, carbon footprint mitigation and machine efficiency tracking


Our Services

Supreme specializes in direct embed foundation installation services. From small to large diameters, shallow to deep, with or without casing, Supreme is well versed in all direct embed foundation applications. Supreme’s diverse fleet of drill rigs and tooling enables our experienced team to drill in low-clearance and tight area applications without sacrificing safety or performance.


  • Transmission/Substation/Distribution Direct Embeds
  • Permanent and Temporary Casing Direct Embeds
  • Dewatering and water control
  • Survey


  • Specialize in rough terrain and technically challenging projects
  • Adhere to strict safety, environmental or schedule restrictions
  • Experience working under energized power lines
  • Produce quality product – stable, neat and durable access 
 roads and construction pads
  • Crews often work in tandem, with the clearing crew leading 
 the way, followed by an access road team, for the most 
 efficient build-out
  • Can provide full restoration once utility project is completed
  • Experienced with access road construction in National Parks