Power Line Row Clearing

Safe, efficient
power line
ROW clearing

Supreme Industries is able to safely handle right-of-way (ROW) clearing in challenging terrains, adjacent to energized power lines, leaving our utility partners
with a very neat, clean and effective work area.


Our Services

  • ROW mowing and maintenance
  • Side trimming
  • Herbicide application
  • ROW clearing and chipping
  • ROW widening
  • Timber mat installation
  • Dangerous tree identification and removal
  • Timber appraisals

Our Capabilities

  • Skilled in all types of ROW clearing, to support any type of power line construction
  • Experienced crews, familiar working adjacent to, and underneath, energized power lines
  • Experts at initial clearing for new cross-country transmission lines
  • Specialize in working rough terrain, whether it be steep, wet, rocky or remote
  • Familiar with working in wetlands, using timber mats as work platforms
  • Adhere to the most strict safety, environmental and schedule restrictions
  • Skilled management team to get the job done professionally