Vibratory Caisson Foundations

Vibratory Caisson Foundations for all your power and transportation 
project needs


Specialty foundations no matter the challenge

Ready for any Condition

Our teams are skilled at working on tight areas, beneath energized transmission lines, and in challenging soil environments

Flexible Drilling

We’re capable of drilling from 34” in diameter and down to 70-foot depths in all subsurface conditions.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Transparency in greenhouse gas, emissions, fuel consumption, carbon footprint mitigation and machine efficiency tracking


Our Services

Supreme specializes in vibratory caisson foundation installation services. Capable of installing single or multiple pieces of caissons, within low clearance or tight areas, Supreme has the experience to install vibratory caissons under all circumstances to support your project needs. Our highly skilled, licensed crane operators are well versed in specialty vibratory caisson applications with years of application knowledge and project experience.


  • Single Piece Vibratory Caissons
  • Multi Piece Vibratory Caissons
  • Caisson Splicing
  • Rebar construction and placement
  • Concrete pouring, forming, and finishing
  • Dewatering and water control
  • Survey


  • Specialize in rough terrain and technically challenging projects

  • Adhere to strict safety, environmental or schedule restrictions

  • Experienced in vibratory hammering caissons under energized power lines

  • Produce quality vibratory caisson concrete foundations and direct embed foundations adhering to all project, state, and federal specifications

  • Crews often work in tandem, with the vibratory crew leading the way, followed by a drill & pour crew to maximize efficiency

  • Comprehensive fleet of low clearance drill rigs capable of drilling up 10’ in diameter and 70’ deep